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I will never turn back ! [English essays]

Yesterday, I met Kyoko who lives in Ehime, Shikoku. We worked together more than 10 years ago at the same division because she was sent to our ministry as a trainee from the local government. Since we were young in our 30s and we worked very hard to promote 3R policies (Reducing, Reuse, and Recycling waste), as well as enjoy eating out and traveling in our private time. She is younger than me, so I think she is like my sister. After she returned to Ehime, I was very surprised that she married a man, Tetsu, whom I had known very well, because he was another trainee working in our division. Even my desk was next to hers, but I had never been aware she had fallen in love with him.

When I sent an e-mail to inform her that I had breast cancer and would enter the hospital to have an operation, she was shocked and kindly said that she would like to come to meet me as soon as possible. However, I was not confident in my health around that period to make a promise to meet, and I asked her to extend our meeting date. Because I wanted to meet her after getting back my strength as well as the pace of my life, and have nice meals and wine then !

Finally the day had come. I recommended the best restaurant in my town (I believe) and asked Kyoko to reserve it. Kyoko, her husband Tetsu, and I had a fabulous lunch together. We could reminisce about days more than 10 years ago at an instance, when we shared a lot of memories. We were younger and full of ambition to promote 3R policies in Japan ! Since the red wine which the restaurant served tasted great, I had another glass and thought I was happy to have survived cancer and felt the pleasure to live in the present.

After lunch, we went to karaoke near the station, and we sang songs for nearly 3 hours without a break. First I sang “Jidai”, “The Times” in English, which was one of the masterpieces of Miyuki Nakajima. When I was diagnosed with cancer and felt as if I was in the bottom of the world, the song saved me and gave me hopes. The song told us that the time would come when we would be able to tell about the hardest times with a smile as one of our memories. Tetus is a great fan of Miyuki, so we requested many of her songs. Kyoko and I like Maria Takeuchi. Mariya is older than us and admired by our generation. Mariya never shows her real age in her appearance and voice, as if she is a witch, and attracts women of various ages. When I was younger, I liked her songs which told stories about forbidden love affairs. The more the heroine in the songs loved her man, the more sorrows and pains would follow. However, the heroine was always pure and honest in her love, so I wanted to stand by her.  

After recovering from disease, I have become to like to sing her songs which give me encouragement to live positively. So yesterday I chose “Color, White Blend.” Especially, I like a part of the lyrics, which are “I will never turn back, because tomorrow is waiting for me.”

There are many songs in the world which have special powers to give people hope, encouragement, sympathy, sorrow, anger, and joy. Such songs can live in our heart and be handed down forever.

Now, we can bring our favorite songs anytime and anywhere by using technologies such as iPod, etc. However, I like my younger days, when I listened to the records while sitting in front of the stereo and making my own original recorded-tapes. I was  imagining the situations in which I was driving with a boy friend while listening to the tapes. I am already an old type of woman, ain’t I ?

Anyway, we had a pleasant time and promised to meet soon again. I thanked the God and my doctor who saved my life as well as give me many bright hopes to live.

A long day for Ein [English essays]

The owner of Ein and Akari has started to write English essays to improve her ability of expression.Her American friend, Mary, helps her to make them better.

The day before yesterday, I took Ein to the vet (veterinary) to have him remove the stitches. He had an operation two weeks ago, because several warts were found around his neck and eye-line and inside of the right ear. Since we know that they are all benign and won’t become mortal causes in the future, Ein is already 11 years old and risks suffering from anesthesia increase year by year. So we decided to have him operated on around this autumn, a comfortable season for dogs. Unfortunately, one of the scars was not closed yet, and the vet used a stapler to close it. I was very scared ![がく~(落胆した顔)]

On the day of the operation, it was rainy, so we went to the vet by car. Ein has a lot of horrible memories at the vet, such as neutering, rabies shots, and ear cleanings. However, he wasn’t aware of the approaching danger and was reminded of it when he entered the consultation room. He got panicked and tried to escape but it was too late. This time, a needle was inserted into his right front leg first to let blood for checking and to put him under anesthesia. I understood that he was very nervous because his rear body was trembling very hard. After the results of the necessary examinations, before the operation, were announced, no worrying issues were found, so we left Ein there and came home. Ein looked lonely when he was put into a cage to wait for the operation. [もうやだ~(悲しい顔)] 

We were asked to come to the vet to pick up Ein after 6:00 p.m. We had an uneasy time worrying about him all afternoon. When we opened the consultation room, Ein came out of the cage and walked toward us. He looked half sleepy because of anesthesia. We needed to hear about the explanation on the post operation results but Ein looked like he wanted to go home. We were told to come to the vet again in 5 days, as well as to keep an eye on the scars, and give him an antibiotic and painkiller every morning. Ein could walk by himself and jumped into the car. When he arrived home, he went straight to his toilet and peed for a long time. I understood he wanted to pee as soon as possible at his own toilet, because the cage at the vet was not comfortable for him. Also for him there is no place like home.[わーい(嬉しい顔)]

We left Akari home alone, because she also got nervous and excited at the vet and she just had had a big shot for allergies. She might have gotten angry because we left her waiting for a long time, there was a small pool of her pee on the floor. [ちっ(怒った顔)]

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